26 September, 2014

ISRO's Mangalyaan Yatra - Incredible India

We have achieved a great feat by putting a satellite to orbit around Mars on our "First Attempt". This too at such a low cost, even less then the cost of making the Hollywood flick Gravity.

Plus, this has also affirmed ISRO's position as a competent and incredibly intelligent organization. This will open new avenues for our country. Possibly commercializing and bringing more revenue through space technology.

We are in the elite group of advance countries carrying out space exploration. This is really a very proud moment for every Indian out there.

Even NASA's Curiosity greeted MOM with a Namaste :)


12 August, 2014

Free hugs!

We Indian people are so loving, caring, empathizing people but we don't express it. There is a lack of physical expression of these feelings.

At times of immense joy I feel like hugging my close friends and do a quick "joy dance" with them. And I end up expressing this to my guy friends only. To my girl friends I'll just gesture with smiles and shaking hands with them although I want hug them and go "Yayyy!!!"

This is the case with all Indian men and women out there. Why do we have to stay 2 feet away from the opposite sex? Why has our culture evolved this way? Are only the very very close people are there to be offered hugs and love?

Well, too many questions there. I feel that our culture must evolve and become more open.

When you are happy go "yayy!!". Give away free hugs!

01 July, 2014

Still figuring out?

In my head, keep running, these thoughts about the past
I'm wondering, why is life so fast?
Things, thoughts, and people come to my head
And all the tough decisions of the past, that I've made
What all this worth it? Still figuring out...

In my head, keep running, these thoughts about the present
I am wondering why is life not so pleasant?
Money flows in every month with a bit of happiness
But back in the workplace there is no interest
How to get out of this? Still figuring out...

In my head, keep running, these thoughts about the future
I am wondering about the life that I am not sure
Amazing ideas and plans, in my mind, revolve
I'm just feared of the risks they involve

But, past is past, present will all be sorted out
I've no worries about the future, for it will soon be figured out.