01 July, 2014

Still figuring out?

In my head, keep running, these thoughts about the past
I'm wondering, why is life so fast?
Things, thoughts, and people come to my head
And all the tough decisions of the past, that I've made
What all this worth it? Still figuring out...

In my head, keep running, these thoughts about the present
I am wondering why is life not so pleasant?
Money flows in every month with a bit of happiness
But back in the workplace there is no interest
How to get out of this? Still figuring out...

In my head, keep running, these thoughts about the future
I am wondering about the life that I am not sure
Amazing ideas and plans, in my mind, revolve
I'm just feared of the risks they involve

But, past is past, present will all be sorted out
I've no worries about the future, for it will soon be figured out.

22 April, 2014

Shaktiman - Childhood Memory

Hello Everyone! I'm writing a blog after a long long time, hopefully all goes out well :)

I was not getting a good topic to write on, so decided to share one of my funny childhood memories..

I was a huge huge huge huge huge fan of Shaktimaan. I am damn sure that every Indian reading this knows who Shaktimaan is. I was so crazy about this super hero that I used to find reasons to skip school on Saturdays in order to watch the serial. Thankfully, the show started airing on Sundays. Anyway, the memory goes as follows:

In a Marathi Brahmin family there is a ceremony called as 'Mundan' in which the male child's head is tonsured. I have no idea about the religious aspects of this ceremony. It is said that every Brahmin's 'Mundan' should be done when he is a kid. So, one fine day my family decided to have me 'Mundan-ed'. I was totally against being balded. I couldn't even imagine going to school and being called 'taklu' by all the kids. But the 'mundan' had to be done at any cost in the family.

I cried and cried, did all sorts of 'tamashas' to avoid it, but none to my rescue. As the day of the ceremony came closer, my protests became frequent and more agitated. I used to do all sorts antics, like, biting my parents, crying, hitting people, everything.

A day before the ceremony, my parents gave in to my protests. Nevertheless, as a last option they tried to lure me with goodies. I denied all the way. They said they'll get anything I wanted. This was the best chance for me!! And then, I asked them to get me my most wanted thing. What I wanted was the best damn thing ever for me. I used to dream about it every Sunday. When I asked for it, it startled my mummy-papa. :D

You must be wondering what I asked, aren't you? Well I asked for "SHAKTIMAN DRESS". I wanted to wear Shaktimaan's suit be be like him. I said, "Get that suit now and I'll be ready to get bald tomorrow". The evening my parents scanned the whole of Nagpur and couldn't find the suit. Finally, at a local shop they could get the suit, much to their respite. And, the next day, I was happy being Shaktimaan and getting myself 'Mundan-ed'

But wearing a Shaktimaan suit with a head with no hair came with a lot of disadvantages. When I stood with the revolutionary "Shaktimaan Pose" outside my house, I was hurled with comments such as "Taklu Shaktimaan", "Ganja Shaktimaan". People laughed at me, but I stood like it was the best damn day for me without paying heed to any of the comments.

That't it. End of story. Even today my parents laugh about this. They tell that I was so adamant and because of me they had to search whole of Nagpur city in ONE day to find that Shaktimaan dress.

This is that "Legendary" "Revolutionary" Shaktimaan Pose!

I hope you don't LOL at this :P

07 December, 2013

Infy's Mysore campus, friends, and amazing life!

Confused about the title of this post? Well even I was wondering what to write. Beware this is a looong post.

This post is about my stay in Infosys Mysore campus for two months after I joined the company in September 2013, the friends I made there, and then my emotional transfer to Hyderabad DC.

I reached the Mysore campus...
Actually I reached Mysore on Sept 13th. My joining date was 15 Sept so I had one full day to explore Mysore city. So on 14th I explored the city, visited the Mysore palace and the Zoo. It was an amazing experience. On 15th I joined the Mysore campus along with my friends from Nagpur.

The campus is huge, you always get lost. Nevertheless its beautiful and absolutely clean. The rooms provided to you have world class facilities. It's like living in a 5 star hotel. We had a 2 day long induction session and then we got our classrooms and the hectic life got started. So here I was in a new place with some old friends and eager to make new friends.

Amongst the people who got selected during the campus placements I knew only 2 people - Amita and Lata. I knew them because they were my classmates, I wasn't friends with them.

During my stay in Mysore campus, I became best friends with Amita. Amita was friends with Shazia who had two friends Ankita and Ankur. And because of that I made three more friends. Ours then became a group of 5 friends, we called it FamousFive. The time that I spent with them was just awesome. We used to hangout together be it in the campus or going to movies, outings, and what not. I wished that this could stay forever. But alas! things are not permanent as destiny takes us various ways.

And how can I forget about Nakul, Amit, Piyush, Sumit, Rahul and Ashish. All these good guys were from Nagpur. I first met them in Nagpur when we called our first meeting of people who were about to join Infosys. In the Mysore campus at any time if I am not with FamousFive, I was with these guys. We together used to go for swimming, table tennis, gym, all sorts of things. But again as I said things are not permanent.

Famous Five
Nagpuri Friends

I am allocated to Hyderabad DC...
All was going well, I was enjoying with FamousFive and my Nagpuri friends, suddenly our batch owners announce that around 80 people will be allocated to production as there was an urgent requirement. I was surprised totally.

The FamousFive group was not in my classroom, they all belonged to other streams and their release date is still yet to come. My Nagpuri friends were in my stream and I hoped that we all get allocated together. But all fell apart, I again became alone, as I got allocated to Hyderabad and no one was with me.

The 23rd of September was most emotional. Everyone cried as I boarded the bus with wet eyes. The Famous Fivers gave me an awesome greeting card too. Nakul, Amit and Piyush also bid me farewell and promised to come to Hyderabad soon.

That day I realised that how much I am going to miss them. I miss all of them still today. What I am left with are lots of lovely memories to cherish and live the moments again. Hopefully I am going to see my friends again and spend amazing time with them. My best wishes to all of them. Thank you for being with me!