12 July, 2015

1.2 billion Indians

It was world population day on July 11 and India's population has already crossed 1.27 billion mark. As per government agencies the population growth rate is 1.6%. This means that every year the population grows by 20 million. That is equal to almost the population of Australia.

There are so many people in our country. I just wonder what will happen to India when she gets old? Like the European countries which have less people to work and more old people to take care of. India is doomed if it gets into such situation.

Credit - Wikipedia
On one hand India is set to become the youngest country by 2020 (report), while it also sits on an elderly population timebomb (report). As per reports, the old population over 60 is expected to be close to 300 million by 2050 and India's current healthcare and social security system is inherently incompetent to address this challenge. Of course India will still be a young nation in 2050, it will still be a challenge to support an increasing old population.

Population is an asset for a country if it is managed properly. The working population should be able to provide sufficient earnings for a country to support its elderly, and other non-working population. India is in its youth right now, which is itself the perfect time to plan for the future.

The current government is on a right path to stabilize the economy by starting campaigns (Make in India, Digital India) to boost employment for the youth. In a layman's terms, India should make lots of money, improve services and infrastructure and SET UP A FOUNDATION for a brighter future.

14 June, 2015

Change is good? Yep!

Sometimes I just wonder about the things that have happened in the past. The turn of events that have shaped my life into what is today; the events that are expected to happen which will supposedly lead to a brighter future. I am glad that such events have happened in the past because it was really cool to take those risks and make that jump over that cliff, and to fall face down and cry, make amends and try again only to rejoice.

Over time, our life becomes mundane and requires a change to add up spice. Changes that involve a bit of risk to add some excitement. Changes that clear the clouds on the way which leads to your goal. Changes are always good, no matter what. Because changes give you hope to sail ahead of the past and make the present better to leap into the future.

Be a risk taker. Make that change because there is an endless road to discover. Make that change because 'picture abhi baaki mere dost'. Make that change because that dream should come true.